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Dizon Studios Wedding Photography and Photobooth Rental Services

Brothers bound by blood and overwhelming passion about artistry, we are Dizon Studios. Trained by the man whom we look up to, Tatay Ben, who sparked our intense dedication for photography, we live with his teachings in mind.

Photography has played a vital role in our lives. We grew up with cameras documenting our every pivotal moment, our achievements, and triumphs. Our father would take a quick snap of things worth remembering, reliving the same exact moment years after.

The first time we clicked the shutter of our father’s black and white Pentax and the first smell of that perfume-like developing chemical, is the moment we knew that someday we will continue his legacy.

As the industry that we grown up and learned to love, we expand our service aside from wedding photography and videography to photobooth rental. Dizon Studios photobooth is suited for everyone's budget. Gone are days when having a fun-filled event is only for the well-known and rich.

We are dedicated to offer our clients the best service and options at the best price possible. Let us take care any of your event and we will make it more fun and special, we will capture your guests in a whole new light and create memories that will last a lifetime! The photobooth will be a fun, unique and memorable experience for you and your guests! 

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Photobooth Rental by Dizon Studios
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Price: P 3,500.00
Posted in Services, 2011-Apr-7